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I've been gone a while, but so have all of you.

I still don't have the necessary funds to begin a contest, hopefully I will within the coming months, but I have a prompt today.

Listen to a song, the type doesn't matter, just a song that stirs something somewhere inside of you,
and write. It doesn't have to be perfect, there's no winner here, just write what you feel in the best way you can, link the song in the description, if possible, and leave your work in the comments.

I hope to hear from you all.

This group needs a strong heart.

Wake up with me.

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Group Info

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Hello everyone:wave:
Our main focus here is writing, but that is not all, Music can be a big part of writing, so we would love to have music lovers here, too
We are also open to traditional art, photography, and anything else you can create. There is art everywhere, and inspiration in everything, so feel free to think outside the box. That's what art is about.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jul 7, 2011


Group Focus

97 Members
104 Watchers
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Group Rules

:bulletwhite: No R-Rated work
:bulletyellow: Do not harass people or you will be removed from the group and potentially banned.
:bulletorange: If your work is declined, please do not resubmit it unless it has been changed significantly.
:bulletwhite: Please submit your work to featured only if you believe it belongs there, otherwise submit it to the correct folder.
:bulletpurple: If there isn't a folder you feel there should be, please inform me so that a new folder can be added.

And please suggest our group to anyone you find who you think would fit in well here, or you can send me a link to their profile and I will invite them.


God Bless America
Penny for your thoughts dollar if you speak
Hundred for your body and thousand if you leave
Is it really relevant if your intelligent
who cares if your goin back to get the degree 
It's not helping me unless you have an abundance of green 
This is the value of life to humanity 
As you can see this is something I'm proud to be 
God bless America
home of the free loveless, drugs, guns, thugs, sex
Us as one is going good can't you tell
god blessed America 
What's not to love about a heartless America 
I love it cuse god said I had to
So I speak it and and believe it 
With my left hand on my heart as I'm forced to
pledge alegence to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible and liberty and justice for all
Is there liberty and justice at all
One thing I ponder on
is how you ganna make a song that says RIP Teryvon Martin
Then turn around and talk about the same thing that got him g
:iconasherflo:AsherFlo 0 0
For Love
For love; we cry,
For love; we worry,
For love; we sacrifice,
All the things undoubtedly.
For love; we cheer,
For love; we fear,
For love; we endure,
All the things sincerely.
For love; we smile,
For love; we'd walk miles,
For love; we agree,
To change our life style instantly.
For love; we change,
For love; we act so strange,
For love; we permit,
To be ours abruptly.
For love; we are selfish,
For love; we become greedy,
For love; we happily accept,
Defeat, sorrow and grief.
:iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 38 10
Dear You
Dear Tears,
I have a confession. You are some salty living creatures made from the natural bodies of humans. You have the capability to illustrate the strong, dignified and dynamic nature of one's mental state. You are mankind's frienemy. We hate you and yet we love you; such a condescending relationship we share with each other, don't we?
Joy, love and empathy,
Happiness, pride and sympathy,
You come in different flavors.
Loneliness, heartbreak and depression,
Freedom, irritation and frustration,
You have your favorites.
A confusing mystery,
A challenging soul,
You are a puzzle;
But so important
Your presence makes a difference and yet your absence even more,
Without you, one's heart is a bore.
:iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 15 6
Poetry Contest ~ The Best of You ~ Last Day!
Hello, everyone! Our new contest is still open and there are lots of subscriptions, points, requests, and features to win! :la: The deadline was extended to May 1st and we will accept entries for the rest of the day. You can read all about the contest below and check out our other group news here:
:bulletblue: Theme :bulletblue:
The Best of You
This theme is open to interpretation; you can apply it to any genre you please. You can write about it in a literal way, a satirical way, or any other method you prefer. We love to see our writers get creative and use the theme in a unique way!
:bulletblue: Media :bulletblue:
There are no length requirements on poems for this contest; they can be as long or as short as you please.
:bulletblue: Deadline :bulletblue:
May 1st
:bulletblue: Requirements :bulletblue:
:bulletred: You must be a member of Live-Love-Write to ent
:iconlive-love-write:Live-Love-Write 88 87
last leaves of the fall by Writto last leaves of the fall :iconwritto:Writto 3,163 313 Rocky mountains by AndreeWallin Rocky mountains :iconandreewallin:AndreeWallin 4,875 152
You have pierced
my heart
with the sharpest
of your arrows.
The love
I have for you
and the impossibility
of having you
to show you
how much
I care for you
and how much
I crave
to be with you,
my heart
:iconmenmoli:menmoli 4 2
depressed by tavfan depressed :icontavfan:tavfan 203 54
Stops crying
Cries again
Wears a girls shirt
Cries because that girl left
Feels sensitive
Should get shot so their mother can be Emo.
And so I can laugh for a little wile
:iconemoisanstd:EmoisanStd 120 32
Arms fold
Head bows
Legs curl
Tears flow
How can someone understand
what it means to be
person, one
Alone, in
a grasping darkness called
She sits in her corner,
tears blurring
the world created
for her
by others.
Unloved, unexperienced,
naked, naive.
Death seems her only path,
her only
An easy way
from the pain,
from the fear.
Redemption in a
Silver flashes
Crimson runs
Flesh whitens
:iconmuffinmania:MuffinMania 652 168
So what if I'm emo?
So what if I cry?
I'm not THAT emotional,
I dont want to die.
So what if I dress in a different style?
There's no need to scream and run for a mile
I dont like to cut and abuse my arm,
I am not depressed,
so why cause self harm?
Could it be that I am just like you?
That I can smile, giggle and laugh along too?
Could it be that I am happy with myself?
It's just that I am not some pretty doll on the shelf.
Could it be that the only reason i dye my hair black;
Is because I dont want to be some barbie in a bimbo girl pack.
These are the reasons, and I'll tell you why,
that I dont look in the mirror and start to cry.
I know Im not perfect,
I'm sure you will agree
But I am so very positive,
as positive as can be
That Im not like you,
Oh dont make me laugh!
I dont spend hours on my make-up's mask
I'm totally self-confident,
Ill smile for all to see.
Because the great thing about being emo,
Is that I am happy, with just being me.

Dont be afraid of who you are.<
:iconblackxxxkeyblade:blackxxxkeyblade 4,837 2,705
*are not crybabies
*do not always wear black
*can be VERY nice people
*do not always cut themselves
*are not always depressed
*can be happy too
*are normal people just like you!
*EMO is just a label for emotional people!
that tend to fall in love easly and cry
:iconvampireluver16:VampireLuver16 1,254 924
Wind whispers through the bare, dying branches,
uttering faint lullabies of past memories.
All of their words,
all of the times we once were
sailing away with dead,
lifeless leaves.
Limp feelings,
emotionless thoughts now
run its course through my veins,
rooting itself in my soulless cell.
Fond memories,
once a seemingly daily reality,
now a missed pastime,
continue to mutter through the brittle limbs.
A strong trunk ratted with holes,
calling me to its beautiful body.
I lay my body down
under its coverless shelter.
My body becomes weathered,
a part of this masterpiece
which carries my memories.
Memories that will never be forgotten,
I drift away,
slowly becoming just that,
a memory,
not to be remembered
but forgotten.
:iconashforsh:ashforsh 3 2
A Storm in the Summer
A bird begins to cry;
than it's silence.
Dark mixes with light,
A flashing stroke never to bright.
Down it went, a prestigious boom,
and up it went, to the sky it zoomed.
In the clouds broad-left, lies a low gloomy funnel,
with the sound of a train at the end of the tunnel.
With flashes mixed in at every crack,
my feet thrown up, almost landing on my back.
Bring it down,
Bring it down; this flash of gray,
a contradiction no other way.
Hence forth; a radiating pound,
flashes in the sky, all passing around.
Jolting & jumping at every sound,
exerting with fear, down to the ground.
Before all these sounds, together not sane,
came the victories of the sweetness of rain.
Pitter Patter...Pitter Patter
Mother Nature, foresee this plea,
you have brought something as harmonious as tea.
This joyous sight, corrupting & sweet,
like honey from bees,
has brought upon beauty some could never see.
Rage on Mother Nature, for now you are free.
:iconxxcoryshieldsxx:xxCoRyShIeLdSxx 1 18
Darkness in a world of light
In a world, with many a 'fright,
decisive, and entombed to a plight.
You are secluded, to know what is right,
but never seeing the Darkness in a world of light.
You chooes to live how you live to be,
without any sadness and only with glee.
You choose yo hate what you refuse to see,
and choose to live with not a goal or need.
You live in a world, with many a 'fright,
conjoined and chained, to a neverending plight.
Always secluded to se what is right,
but you will never see the Darkness in a world of light.
You will never see the beauty of the dark,
never understanding its eternal mark.
You always tell it off with a tartful bark,
and treat it with displeasure, like a carfree narc.
You end it all, without a say or do,
You end it all, withoout a rightful clue.
You end it all, as quick like paste,
You end it all, without any taste.
And as you live today, and as you live to be,
you live atol, you live for thee.
You live with what you have or need,
but never knowing that you must be free.
:iconxxcoryshieldsxx:xxCoRyShIeLdSxx 1 8
Have you ever felt so alone?
So silent and out of tone?
That you can't pick up the phone?
That you feel out of the zone?
Sometimes you can't help it,
But feel like a pile of bones.
Have you ever felt like your foam?
That your hair is stuck in a comb?
That your misery shines like chrome?
That your brain cannot moan?
Sometimes you can't help it,
But feel like a pile of bones.
Today, I cannot come to save,
If you're stuck in a yard that is grave.
I feel others, when they rave,
Due to it's you they truly crave.
As they walk through your minds of your valiant crusade,
You wonder & yearn as you live to persuade,
To the calamities of hearts they love to raid.
To many, you will look with a dead-listened gaze,
While you sing on how once, you will live to raise,
The Chosen One itself, that will renegade your days.
He will be a boy, with a nice & gentle heart,
Though hurt, from others apart.
He won't be crazy at what he will start,
But become something new, for the people's start.
But to you, wha
:iconxxcoryshieldsxx:xxCoRyShIeLdSxx 4 14


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